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Please do get in touch with any notable information on the Glaven and its wildlife, such as the presence of rare and interesting species, or of invasive alien species which represent a potential threat.

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Committee members would also welcome any other observations on the river and also new reflections or knowledge on the past. Suggestions for any activities that the River Glaven Conservation Group should get involved in are also most welcome.

The first points of contact are:

Other committee members include:

  • Carl Sayer – Aquatic ecologist and local natural history expert, University College London
  • Anne Rolfe – Treasurer (01263 741125)
  • Henry Crawley – Volunteering (01263 713306)
  • Tony Leech – Ecologist and local natural history expert
  • Jim Crossley – Landowner
  • Lorraine Marks – Local resident
  • Estelle Hook – Norfolk Coast Partnership
  • Willie Brownlow – River Glaven Fishery Association & landowner
  • Simon Harrap
  • Julia Munford – Holt Hall Field Studies Centre
  • Jonah Tosney – Norfolk Rivers Trust
  • Richard Kelham – Local resident