Glaven “Balsam Bashing”

Visiting a river valley in late summer, you may have noticed huge beds of a pretty tall plant with purple flowers. This plant may have been Himalayan Balsam and although attractive, it is not a native British plant.

Himalayan Balsam is found in abundance along the middle reaches of the River Glaven and up the Thornage Beck (aka the Gunthorpe Stream) tributary. It typically grows in large stands, leading to the loss of native river bank plant species. When it dies back in autumn, river banks are left bare, also leaving them vulnerable to erosion.

The RGCG has an annual “Balsam Bash” in June-July when the plant is hand-pulled from invaded areas. Balsam volunteer days usually end with a picnic by the river, the perfect way to reward all that hard work.

Contact Henry Crawley for more information. Further details of Balsam Bash events will also be posted here shortly.

Himalayan balsam clearance
Himalayan balsam clearance