Here you can download all of our Newsletters which are available in pdf format. River Glaven Conservation Group members will receive their newsletters in hard copy 3 months before they appear on this site.

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Eel migration disrupted | Summer low flows | A whole lot of planning going on | Holt Spout Hills | Cleaning up chalk streams | Habitats of the Galven’s magestic bullhead | The birthplace of eels | Invasive species on the Glaven

Spring 2018 Newsletter

From source to sea | Water quality in the Stiffkey and Glaven catchments, and Blakeney Harbour | Glaven Silt Routes | The Glaven Valley Conservation Area: A Consultation on the designation for planning purposes | Conserving Glaven farmland ponds and the Great Twin Pond Dig project | MSc survey of floodplain ponds at

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve | The Restoration of Farmland Ponds | Dong Energy Cabling | Eels in Ponds

Spring 2017 Newsletter

The Upper Glaven and Dong Energy | Restoration of Selbrigg Pond | Major silt run-off event into the Upper Glaven | Leaving the EU: The Implications for our Water Environment

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Manor Farm and its Ponds | Signal Crayfish Trapping | Water, Soil & Agriculture: the Big Debate | A Glaven Meadow Past and Present

Spring 2016 Newsletter

The AGM and the Eel Project | The Great Plenty: a History of Eels as Food | Investigating Eel Migration on the River Stiffkey | Developing the Evidence Base for Restoration, Local Volunteer Role | Our Wildlife – Two Steps Forward and One Back? Pollution and the River Glaven

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

CRF a Great Success | Elver monitoring at Glandford Mill | Bayfield Low Meadow Project | The European Eel – its mysterious lifestyle and how we are solving some mysteries | Bayfield New River One Year On | Soil Erosion

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Eel project and AGM 2015 | Recovery after the 2013 tidal surge | 10 major Glaven projects 2004-2014 | New wildlife hide

Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Bayfield: Creating a new river channel | Mr Cozens-Hady’s mud | Conserving Norfolk ponds | The trapping of signal crayfish | Update on Eel Project

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Gunthorpe Stream Restoration | Natural Surroundings: wildlife observations | Norfolk Rivers Trust Projects | Conserving the European Eel

Autumn 2013 Newsletter

RGCG 10th anniversary | Bayfield Lake sediment coring | Little Thornage Ford sapling clearance | Blakeney Harbour sand inundation | Glandford Mill river restoration and fish pass | National Trust year | Holt Hall on the Glaven

Spring 2013 Newsletter

RGCG 10th anniversary | Bayfield Lake sediment coring | Little Thornage Ford sapling clearance | Blakeney Harbour sand inundation | Glandford Mill river restoration and fish pass | National Trust year | Holt Hall on the Glaven

Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Great news for the future of the River Glaven | Bayfield – Reversing the Decline: De-silting the lake | Autumn and Winter on Blakeney National Nature Reserve | AGM at Brinton and Gunthorpe Stream

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Gunthorpe Stream Restoration | Bayfield Lake – reversing the decline | Birds of the Lower Glaven Valley | Management of Blakeney Freshes

Autumn 2011 Newsletter

Signal Crayfish and the River Glaven | Transfer of white-clawed crayfish from the River Glaven to the River Stiffkey: an Ark project | The Norfolk Rivers Trust | Saving the Crucian Carp | Barn owls in the Glaven Valley

Spring 2011 Newsletter

The Association of River Trusts | £100m cash boost for river wildlife | Hunworth project | What do otters eat in the Glaven catchment? | Natural Surroundings and Letheringsett Ford

Autumn 2010 Newsletter

Steve Henson – a tribute | Catchment Sensitive Farming | Exploring the river with Holt Hall | River restoration at Hunworth | The Burbot

Spring 2010 Newsletter

Holt Lowes | Hempstead Mill silt trap | Glaven Herd – a conservation success | The Dugeon connection (underground cabling) | RGCG meets Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution | Case Study: River Glaven and Catchment Sensitive Farming | Environment Agency’s volunteer day at Thornage Common

Autumn 2009 Newsletter

Aubrey Buxton: A pioneer for wildlife conservation | Blakeney Freshes – Breeding bird summary 2009 | Three years on at Thornage Common Meadows | Crayfish survey of the Glaven catchment | River Glaven Tidal reaches | Otters are back, but what are they eating? | Otters: in the angler’s view

Spring 2009 Newsletter

Hunworth river and meadow restoration project: Phase 1 | Highland cattle on the water meadows: “The Glaven Herd” | Blakeney Freshes – breeding bird summary 2008

Autumn 2008 Newsletter

River Restoration Project: Stody Estate | Gone fishing | Crucian Carp – a native fish on the brink | Cinderella is a CPRE Norfolk Annual Award Winner | Whole landscape research in the Glaven: A river, its people and land use | UCL students at the River Glaven | Food webs of the River Glaven | AGM success | Water vole survey

Spring 2008 Newsletter

Glaven re-alignment works | Great Crested Newt: The discovery of pond heaven | What a difference a day makes | Cattle fencing Little Thornage meadows | North Norfolk Rivers Sea Trout Project | Napoleon and the River Glaven

Autumn 2007 Newsletter

Glaven wins at Wild Trout Trust Awards | River Glaven Re-alignment – what now for the Chapel area? | Blakeney Freshes – Breeding birds 2007 | Cinderella Chalk Rivers Project: Restoration measures one year on

Spring 2007 Newsletter

Cinderella Chalk Rivers Project: River restoration work in action | Action on pollution reports | Catchment sensitive farming | Irrigated water meadows | Native crayfish found on the River Glaven | Tidal Glaven

Spring 2006 Newsletter

Conservation in action | Himalayan Balsam | Let sleeping logs lie | The crystal clear waters of Selbrigg Pond | MSc students projects | Creating an ecological network | Glaven River, Blakeney Freshes, Cley and Salthouse Marshes | Facilitating conservation grazing

Spring 2005 Newsletter

North Norfolk Catchment Abstraction Policy | Sea Trout in the River Glaven? | Himalayan Balsam | American Mink | Cley harbour | Changing course (diversion of the tidal Glaven in the Blakeney Freshes)

Newsletter Autumn 2004

Why is the River Glaven special? | Our activities | Stoneworts – have you seen them? | Fox snares and otters